Ultra-II software is a photo documentation, archiving, annotation and presentation suite that easily and intuitively records and tracks patient information and clinical progress.

Profect® Ultra–II Software Features:
Unique, lighting design produces crystal clear head–to–toe images and close-up sections of the body.

  • Single–click, tethered capture to control camera settings and download images into patient files right from your computer
  • Live Image Overlay to improve consistency between before and after photos
  • Annotation tools for identifying treatment areas or areas requiring specific attention, such as light–based therapies, microdermabrasion and fillers
  • Layout tools to track patients' progress over time
  • Image import and export functions to share photos with other programs
  • Printing of photographic evaluation and treatment logs for patients
  • Windows–based interface (XP)
  • Ultra-II is sold exclusively with pre-owned Facial Studio systems. Contact us for details.

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