Simple and easy to use, Ultra-III gives you a
powerful set of tools to organize, analyze and present
your clinical photographs.

Document / Capture:

  • Tethered Capture controls camera settings and downloads images to your computer with a single click
  • Live Image Overlay & Positioning Grid improves consistency between before and after photos
  • Power Search functions provide multiple ways of finding records according to various criteria
  • Improved Import/Export functions make sharing with other programs a simple process


  • Calibrated Measurements illustrate clinical results in real unit scores of distance, angle, area and perimeter
  • Quantitative and Visual Assessment of Pigmentation and Vascular conditions with HMS image processing
  • Graphical representations of statistical data for easy interpretation

Annotate / Display:

  • Add Comments to individual photos for more detailed record keeping
  • Zoom, Crop and Drag capabilities make examining photos easy
  • Synchronized Zoom & Pan allows you to simultaneously compare the same area of two side-by-side photos
  • Drawing Tools provide maximum flexibility for annotating photos
  • Image Enhancement allows you to adjust for differences in skin tone


  • Customizable Patient Treatment Report provides multiple options for printing a unique consultation take-home including a personalized header, analysis, image comments, clinician notes and treatment recommendations
  • Image Browser holds photos from different patient records for easy retrieval and viewing
  • Consultation View offers full-screen capability for reviewing images with a patient



  • Our optional PRO version upgrades the software license to 10 seats from which to access your patient data and images, helping to streamline the consultation process and enhance office productivity.



  • Windows-based interface (XP, Vista, Windows 7)


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