With the Profect® StudioPro Photography System, maximize image quality and flexibility with minimal footprint and cost.

The Profect® StudioPro uses an Olympus 10 megapixel digital SLR Camera for its ultra sharp image quality, ease of use, excellent zoom and macro capability, Dual Image Stabilization, Perfect Shot Preview function and more.

With its small footprint (18”x22”) and unique, height-adjustable chin rest, the StudioPro lets you take over 20 different angles and macro photographs of the face and neck, including full 90° profiles. When used in combination with our optional height-adjustable cart and positioning stool, this mobile system adapts for best posture and maximum patient comfort.


Profect’s professional twin flash lighting provides significantly better image quality than single, on-camera flashes, and includes both Visible Light and Polarized lighting to capture contour, texture and laxity, as well as melanin and vascular conditions.


The Ultra-III Image Capture and Management software lets you easily capture, standardize, store, search, and export photographs for consultations and presentations. And, with the upgrade to our Ultra-III Pro platform, it can be fully networked, allowing you to access and share images from any PC in your office.

GOld Star Warranty:
All Profect® Photography Systems include free training and are backed by our one-year Gold Star warranty and our commitment to outstanding customer service.

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