The Profect® Full Body Photography System produces vividly detailed head–to–toe images to better sell body shaping procedures and examine conditions such as cellulite
and leg veins.

System Features:
Unique, lighting design produces crystal clear head–to–toe images and close-up sections of the body.

  • Profect's parabolic strobe and diffuser design ensures uniform lighting for full length or partial portraits and eliminates extreme highlights or hotspots.
  • Low shadow definition
  • Low shadow contrast
  • Can be set up, moved and put away quickly
  • Standardizes 360° camera angles through camera–and patient–positioning systems
  • Includes a patient positioning mat, distance markers and a medium-blue backdrop
  • Small footprint does not take up a lot of valuable floor space

Camera Features:
The Profect® Full Body Photography System uses Olympus digital SLR cameras and will soon be announcing integration with select Canon digital SLR models, as well.  Our cameras are selected for their sharp image quality, ease of use, excellent zoom and macro capabilities, advanced shooting options, image stabilization, live image preview and more – all ideal for the clinical setting. Contact us for details about the current camera model offered with the Profect® Full Body System.

Software Features:
Compatible with Profect's Ultra–III Software

  • Optional upgrade to PRO version allows for 10 network user licenses (see Ultra–III Software for more information)

Gold Star Warranty:
All Profect® Photography Systems include free training and are backed by our one-year Gold Star warranty and our commitment to outstanding customer service.

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